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Data Analytics and Online Learning: Managing COVID-19 Shut Downs

October 12, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm AEDT

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This presentation aims to use an ongoing research project to explain how psychometric testing amplifies the relationship between data analytics and online learning.Since the advent of the COVID-pandemic, many of us have become acutely aware that learning under such crises cannot be expected to occur in the same pedagogical patterns as before. Time is proving that such pandemics are unpredictable and challenging events that disrupt the normal flow of business, and the learning processes in organisations and universities, affecting their operations and the health and well-being of their members. Learning becomes difficult under such crises because of the barriers hindering effective learning. Some of these obstacles are described well in the existing literature. For example, the lack of previous online learning experiences during a pandemic makes it challenging to draw on lessons learned or apply effective strategies that promote learning. In addition, a lack of solid technological solid pedagogical infrastructure and a poorly designed curriculum may prohibit effective learning. However, research does show that learning opportunities under such crises are possible when the instructional strategies follow sound educational practices.

Speaker Bio

Elspeth McKay PhD, Director – Cogniware Australia https://cogniware.com.au, gained her PhD in Computer Science and Information Systems from Deakin University, Geelong, Australia. Elspeth holds further qualifications in Instructional Design, Computer Education and Business Information Systems. Her research passion is to design effective eLearning resources for the education sector and industry training/reskilling programmes. Her Australian Research Council’s research investigated Government eTraining strategies. In addition, she develops Rasch model e-Learning tools that employ learning analytics. Her PhD supervision of international scholars includes Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Jordan, South Africa, China, the Philippines.   

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