22 March 2024 (Friday)

16:20 – 18:10 PM (Beijing Time, GMT+8)

Research Building 1, SUSTech

Organized by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Shenzhen Chapter.

Activity Aim & Talk

In this activity, Associate Professor Shengxin Liu will talk about On Generalizations of the Classic Fair Division Problem. The classic fair division problem studies how to fairly allocate a set of resources to a set of agents with heterogeneous preferences. The problem has received significant attention in the past decades. In this talk, He will focus on the generalizations of the classic fair division problem that are raised by real-world scenarios, Particularly, He will discuss recent advancements and highlight open questions in this area.

Meet the Speaker

Associate Professor Shengxin Liu currently serves as an Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. He earned his doctoral degree from the City University of Hong Kong and later conducted postdoctoral research at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. His research interests lie in computational economics and theoretical computer science. Recently, his primary focus has been on the study of fair division problems in which a set of resources is assigned to a set of agents in a fair manner. His published papers have been honored with the Best Student Paper Award at the AAAI Conference and the Best Paper Award at the FAW Conference.