18 November 2022 (Tuesday)

04:20-06:10PM (Beijing Time, GMT+8)

Online via Tencent Meeting

Meeting ID: 204-595-090

Organized by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Shenzhen Chapter.

Activity Aim & Talk

In this virtual activity, Professor Jie Lu will describe how fuzzy transfer learning can innovatively and effectively learn from data to support data-driven decision-making in uncertain and dynamic situations. The core idea behind fuzzy transfer learning is to leverage previously acquired knowledge to assist in completing a prediction task in a related domain by integrating fuzzy techniques with the transfer learning process. A set of new fuzzy transfer learning theories, methodologies, and algorithms is introduced, which transfers knowledge learned in one or more source domains to target domains. The fuzzy transfer learning set incorporates­ (1) a fuzzy refinement domain adaptation algorithm by utilizing the fuzzy system and similarity/dissimilarity concepts to modify the target instances’ labels for classification; (2) fuzzy rule-based systems with mapping functions by building latent spaces to facilitate knowledge transfer for regression tasks in both homogeneous and heterogeneous scenarios; (3) unsupervised domain adaptation, to recognize newly emerged patterns in target domains that may be unlabelled. Patterns in target domains are recognized by leveraging knowledge from patterns learned from source domains and solutions to heterogeneous unsupervised domain adaptation via e.g., fuzzy equivalence relations. These new developments can enhance data-driven prediction and decision support systems in complex real-world environments. Applications of transfer learning will be discussed at the end.

Meet the Speaker

Distinguished Professor Jie Lu, is a scientist in computational intelligence, primarily known for her work in fuzzy transfer learning, concept drift, recommender systems, and decision support systems. She is an IEEE Fellow, IFSA Fellow, and Australian Laureate Fellow. Currently, Prof Lu is the Director of the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII) and Associate Dean (Research Excellence) at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). She has published over 500 papers in leading journals and conferences; won ten Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects, one ARC LP project, and led 15 industry projects; and supervised 50 doctoral students to completion. Prof Lu serves as Editor-In-Chief for Knowledge-Based Systems and International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems. She has delivered over 40 keynote speeches at international conferences. She is the recipient of the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems Outstanding Paper Awards (2019 and 2022), Australia’s Most Innovative Engineer Award (2019), the UTS Chancellor’s Medal for Research Excellence (2019) and IEEE CIS Distinguished Lecturer.