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Novel Techniques and Technologies of Microwave Non-destructive Sensors and Instruments

November 29, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The world is swiftly moving towards using smart devices for a broad range of applications, such as mobile phones, home appliances, medical diagnosis tools, and management tools across many industries, including food, healthcare, and agriculture. Using a network of smart electronics in these applications can provide huge time and energy savings. Sensors that are compatible with wireless networks are essential components in today’s smart technologies such as internet-of-things (IOT) and industry 4.0. Microwave planar sensors are ideal candidates in many of smart applications because of their low cost, high integration compatibility, real-time, non-destructive detection, and inherent compatibility with wireless technology. Various technologies and measurement principles can be applied in the design of microwave sensors. This presentation provides an overview on the recent advancements in the design of planar microwave sensors for various applications ranging from the detection of mechanical displacement to materials characterisations for industrial chemical, biological, and medical applications. The talk will cover our recent achievements in the design of microwave sensors with different measurement principles such as frequency shift, amplitude variation, and phase variation through design examples. Design methods will be discussed based on the analytical circuit models for optimisations of the sensor performance in terms of sensitivity and dynamic range. Co-sponsored by: [email protected] Speaker(s): Dr. Amir Ebrahimi, Room: Room IW5.57, Bldg: Ingkarni-Wardii, The Univeristy of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, 5005