An invited talk co-organized by IEEE Sapporo Section YP will be held on August 2, 2022.

Date: 15:00-16:30 (JST)

Location: Y203, Education & Research Building No. 7, Muroran Institute of Technology, 27-1 Mizumoto-cho, Muroran, Hokkaido, 0508585 Japan


IEEE Muroran Institute of Technology Student Branch

IEEE Sapporo Section Young Professionals (YP)

Emerging Networks and Systems Laboratory (ENeS), Muroran Institute of Technology

Speaker: Chunhua Su, Senior Associate Professor, The University of Aizu, Japan

Topic: New Lightweight Cryptosystems for IoT based eHealth Environments


Cryptography is the core technology for IoT devices which are connected in the eHealth environment. Such devices are usually with restricted computing power and memory size, and are connected to the Internet, such as smartphones, RFID chips and wearable equipment. In this talk, the lecturer presents his recent results in lightweight cryptography which is proposed to address these situations, to replace the traditional symmetric key cryptography based solutions which may be inefficient or even impossible to be implemented in those devices. This talk mainly focus on primitive security designs, i.e., developing new lightweight cryptography techniques and optimizations to improve the efficiency of security implementations, and novel protection mechanisms to thwart against attacks to provide robustness of IoT devices in eHealth environment. The lecturer also introduces his research on human-interactive authentication scheme and intelligent access control mechanism, for eHealth environment.