Empowering Women: Anjali IPS Unveils Her Journey to the Force

Empowering Women: Anjali IPS Unveils Her Journey to the Force conducted by IEEE SB CUSAT in collaboration with IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter on 9th march, 2024 at Cochin University of Science and Technology.


The online session shared Anjali Bhavana’s inspiring story,  focusing on gender equality in law enforcement. With diverse participants, it sparked discussions on leadership and overcoming challenges in male-dominated professions. The event increased chapter membership and engagement across IEEE segments,  fostering dialogue on societal issues and encouraging advocacy for diversity and equality. Overall, it celebrated individual achievements and motivated collective efforts for a fairer, more inclusive society.


What distinguishes this event is its dedicated spotlight on the journey of Anjali Bhavana, offering a source of inspiration for women and a valuable educational opportunity for students interested in civil service careers. Going beyond the usual scope, it delves into the intricacies and challenges of law enforcement,  sparking engaging discussions on the importance of gender equality in such fields. Furthermore, its impact extends beyond the immediate audience, as even non-IEEE students are motivated to explore IEEE  membership, recognizing the organization’s value through its facilitation of these insightful and impactful sessions.


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