Building a Safe Cyber Future for Women: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Building a Safe Cyber Future for Women: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders conducted by IEEE SB CE Perumon in collaboration with IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter on 7th march, 2024 at College of Engineering Perumon.


This virtual talk session, hosted on Google Meet, focused on empowering women to navigate the digital world safely. The esteemed speaker, Mrs. Amala R, who holds the prestigious position of Scientist-E and Joint Director at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), led the discussion on the critical topic of “Building a Safe Cyber Future for Women: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders.” Mrs. Amala’s expertise in the field of computer science, coupled with her leadership experience at C-DAC, likely positioned her to provide invaluable insights into the evolving threats women face online. The session likely covered a range of topics, such as online harassment, data privacy, and cybersecurity best practices. By equipping women with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves online, the event aimed to foster a safer and more inclusive digital space for future generations of female leaders.


The “HerStory” event carved a unique niche in empowering women for a safe digital future. Unlike general cybersecurity talks, it specifically addressed the challenges women face online, challenges that can be far more nuanced and insidious than the typical online threats discussed elsewhere. Mrs. Amala R, a leading scientist at C-DAC, brought a wealth of technical knowledge to the table. But what truly sets “HerStory” apart is Mrs. Amala’s ability to translate that knowledge into actionable strategies specifically tailored to empower

women. Her insights went beyond the technical aspects of cybersecurity, delving into the importance of developing leadership skills and fostering a sense of community among women navigating the digital landscape. This focus on actionable solutions for women, along with Mrs. Amala’s unique perspective as a woman in a leadership position within the tech industry, made “HerStory” a valuable event for building a safer online future for future generations of female leaders.

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