Women in Leadership: Navigating the Path to Success in Engineering

Women in Leadership: Navigating the Path to Success in Engineering conducted by IEEE SB CET in collaboration with IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter on 7th march, 2024 at College of Engineering Trivandrum.


With a robust participation of 20 engaged individuals, the event was expertly moderated by Riya, the Chairperson of WiE IEEE SB CET. The distinguished panelists, including Dr. Bindu G R, Dr. Jisha V R, and Dr.
Sreeja S, esteemed leaders in their respective fields, shared profound insights into the multifaceted challenges and promising opportunities encountered by women in leadership roles within the engineering domain. Their discourse traversed critical themes encompassing gender bias, the delicate equilibrium of work-life dynamics, and actionable strategies indispensable for navigating the intricate terrain of success. This collaborative endeavor symbolized a concerted effort by WiE IEEE SB CET and EdSoc K C to champion gender diversity and inclusivity in engineering, fostering an ecosystem where in women are not merely participants but trailblazers, empowered to realize their fullest potential.


This event uniquely united leading figures in engineering academia and professional organizations to delve into the nuanced challenges and triumphs of women navigating leadership paths in engineering, fostering inspiration and empowerment for future endeavors. It served as a beacon of collaboration and advocacy, amplifying voices
and experiences to pave the way for greater gender diversity and inclusivity in the engineering landscape. 


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