IEEE Education Society (EdSoc) Kerala Chapter organized a webinar session on the topic  ‘Macaulay After-Effects That Slows Down Indian Engineering Education’ on 5th February 2022 at 7:00 PM IST. The session was handled by Mr. Suresh Namboothri,  Director of Espoir Technologies. The specific objective of this session was to draw awareness to the aspects that were slowing down the Indian Engineering Education System.

The event began with a note through which the IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter cordially welcomed all the attendees and the respected dignitary to the session. Following the welcome note, Mr. Suresh Namboothri was invited to take over the session.

In response to the invitation, Mr. Suresh Namboothri came forward and kickstarted the webinar. In the session, Mr. Suresh gave an overview of the education system in European countries and pointed out how it was similar to the system followed in India. With this comparison, he urged the participants to question why there exists a vast learning gap in India even though the system followed is quite similar. As a justification for that, he gave a glimpse into the Macaulay after-effects that were slowing down our education system. With a brief overview of this topic, Mr. Suresh concluded his session.

Following the session, the platform was opened for Q&A. In response to that, a number of queries were raised by the participants. Mr. Suresh addressed all the queries with detailed explanations. Finally, thanking Mr. Suresh Namboothri for the wonderful session, a virtual memento was presented to him as a token of gratitude on behalf of the IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter. Following that, a virtual photograph was taken as a souvenir of the great session. 

With the event reaching its conclusion, the IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter delivered a thanking note to express gratitude to the resource person and all the attendees. With that thanking note, the event was concluded.