‘PPP: Publish Patent and Prosper Strategy.’

IEEE Education Society (EdSoc) Kerala Chapter in collaboration with the Hyderabad Chapter organized the third webinar on the tri-webinar series, on the topic ‘PPP: Publish Patent and Prosper Strategy’ on October 24, 2021, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM IST. Dr. Manoj BS, Chair of IEEE EMB Society Kerala Chapter and Professor in the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology was the speaker of the day. The event was carried out in the presence of prominent members like Chapter Chair – Mr. Varughese CM, Founder Chair – Prof Muhammed Kasim, Chapter Advisor – Dr. C Kesavaswamy, Secretary – Mr. Jithin Krishnan, and many more. 

The session was intended to give an insight into the strategies for ensuring the best output from research. The event began with the welcome note of Dr. KC Raveendranathan, Research Activities Chair of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter. In his address, he welcomed the respected speaker and all the delegates into the session. Followed by that, Dr. KC Raveendranath, provided a brief introduction about the esteemed speaker, Dr. Manoj BS. In the address followed address, Dr. Raveendranth gave a glance at the services of Dr. Manoj BS as a Professor in IISST and as a Chair of IEEE EMB Society Kerala Chapter. Further, he mentioned the awards received by Dr. Manoj BS, namely IEEE Outstanding Researcher Award from IEEE Kerala Section, the Teaching Innovator Award, and many more. With that note, Dr. Raveendranath invited the esteemed speaker, Dr. Manoj BS, for the session.

In response to the invitation, Dr. Manoj came forward and thanked everyone for the welcome note. Followed by that, he began the session by presenting the agenda for the day. In the note followed, Dr. Manoj gave an overview of the Solution Design Methods like the Scaled Model Approach, Domain Transformation Approach, and many more. Further, he dived deep into each of these models giving a detailed perspective of its principle. Following that, he gave an insight into Scale-Free Networks and how they helped him in his research. In support of this, Dr. Manoj pointed out some real-world examples of that Network. 

Followed by that, he moved on to the next section of the webinar, which is about the essence of publishing.  In this section, he gave a note of the added advantages that publishing offers apart from fame and respect. After that, he gave an overview of the history of peer review. Along with that, he gave out some tips to improve the visibility of work through social media outreach and other relevant strategies. With that, Dr. Manoj concluded his session.

Thanking Dr. Manoj for his valuable words, the session was then opened for Q&A. In response to that, a couple of questions were put forward. Dr. Manoj addressed all the questions with detailed explanations. Followed by that he was thanked once again for his effort and in recognition of that, a virtual memento was provided to him. After that, a virtual photograph of the session was taken. 

Following that, Mr. Saikumar Tara, Secretary of IEEE Education Society Hyderabad Chapter, came forward for the vote of thanks. In his note, Mr. Saikumar thanked Dr. Manoj for his presence and engaging session. In addition to that, he expressed his gratitude to all the delegates and attendees for their active participation. The webinar ended with that thanking note.