IEEE Karachi Section in Collaboration with ISACA Karachi Section is Organizing an Empowered Webinar entitled
“Data is driving businesses – Machine Learning /Artificial Intelligence approach”

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Data processing has long been considered an integral part of automation and record keeping, to certain degree important part of decision support system conventionally. However new paradigm is the way we collect, collate and use it in almost every aspect of business, there is hardly any facet that is beyond the reach of this new way of data processing. We try to explore what is different this time around:

• Data is coming from different sources in large quantities and continuously.
• Processing is done near real time
• Large amount of computing power is used to just that.
• Algorithms are being developed and refined continuously.
• We look at use cases to see how this new approach is helping businesses.

Welcome Speech by: Mr. Hussein Hassanali – President ISACA Karachi chapter and Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chawdhary – Chair, IEEE Karachi Section.

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Date: 8th April 2021
Time: 5pm Onwards