Congratulatory Announcement:

On 20 November 2021, the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA)
Board approved the recipient of the:-

🏆   2021 MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award:

Ramalatha Marimuthu

Region 10 – Madras Section, India

“For conceptualizing and creating IEEE YESIST12, a global
project-based service learning for students and young professionals”


🏆   2021 MGA Innovation Award:


IEEE Kerala Section Interns Team:

Alan Mathew Uluvathu, Neeraj Ipe, Jacob Thomas, Lekshmi Priya B.,
Rojin K. Sunny, Neha Baju,  Anushri P., Eby Kurian,

Fathima Nazreen, Gautham P. R., Aleena Anna Robin, Gokul C. M., Arshad
Danish, Abhijith Kannan,  Akhil Krishna U., Devanand A.,

Juliya Francis, Sreerag N., Divya Anu Kurian, Remajothi Satheesh K.

(R10), Kerala Section

“For the innovative idea of a web app named IEEE Kerala Section More
in no Time, which provides a one-stop solution for Section resources
and communications”


🏆   2021 MGA Leadership Award:

From IEEE Region 10

Paulina Yenbic Chan

Region 10 – Hong Kong Section, Hong Kong

“For exemplary leadership and contributions to the IEEE Hong Kong Section”

🏆   2021 MGA Achievement Award:

From IEEE Region 10

Rajendra Kumar Asthana

Region 10 – Delhi Section, India

“For outstanding efforts in developing innovative strategies, and
improving engagement and growth of Life Member Affinity Groups in
Region 10″

Sri Niwas Singh

Region 10 – Uttar Pradesh Section, India

“For exemplary leadership and distinguished contributions at Section,
Council, and Region levels”

Dr. Preeti Bajaj

Region 10 – Bombay Section, India

“For exemplary contributions and dynamic leadership in achieving rapid
transformation of IEEE Educational Activities within several
geographic units”

Dr. Stefan Mozar

Region 10 – New South Wales Section, Australia

“For leadership in establishing a consumer electronics chapter-based
global community within IEEE”

Celia Shahnaz

Region 10 – Bangladesh Section, Bangladesh

“For designing impactful activities that ensured member engagement
within local and global levels “


🏆   2021 MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award:

From IEEE Region 10

Haroon Rashid

(R10), Malaysia, Section

“For significant contributions to IEEE Young Professionals in Malaysia”

Saaveethya Sivakumar

(R10), Malaysia, Section

“For exemplary efforts and leadership towards enhancing member
benefits for young professionals and promoting student-to-young
professionals transitions”

Pooja Sharma K

(R10), Madras Section

“For outstanding contributions in Young Professionals and WIE
activities at the Section and Region levels”

Muhammad Hamza Ihtisham

(R10), Lahore Section

“For significant contributions in organizing IEEE Young Professional activities”

Ashvanth Babu

(R10), Madras Section

“For outstanding contributions to local and regional IEEE Young
Professional and Student activities”


🏆   2021 Organizational Supporting Friend of IEEE MGA Award:

From IEEE Region 10

GSSS Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women

Region 10 – Maysuru, India

“For organizing multiple editions of the IEEE ICEECCOT conference”