CityHack 2021 Registration

Date: 30th – 31st JAN 2021

Format: Online + Offline

Prize: Up to 20,000 HKD Worth of Prizes per team

CityU Hall 2 IT Team and CityU Google Developer Student Club (DSC) are very glad to announce CityHack 2021 – the hackathon event to be hosted by City University of Hong Kong. This event is open to all students, regardless of your academic background. Even if you have never been to a hackathon before, believe us when we say: “All you need to be part of CityHack is a passionate heart”. The event will be a fulfilling experience for individuals hailing from all sorts of backgrounds.

What are the Benefits?

This year, we are honoured to have invited AWS, Huawei, SenseTime, Siemens, Sengital and Cyberport as our sponsors. Students who join the event will get the opportunity to experience these privileges provided by our sponsors:

  1. Invite Friends and Get Friendship Rewards. You can now invite your friends to join the competition and get a chance to win special rewards worth up to HKD 300. 
  2. A series of training workshops and technical talks will be provided by our distinguished sponsors.
  1. Participants are given the opportunity to explore and use Atlas 200 DK – an AI development kit provided by Huawei, during the competition.
  1. AWS is now offering souvenirs, 100 USD FREE credits and services including AWS SageMaker to all the participants who have signed up for CityHack21.

NOTE: Participants who wish to use AWS SageMaker during CityHack21 should register an AWS Educate Account. 

  1. A pack of CityHack21 souvenirs will be sent to you after the competition!

What to do?

  1. Go to and register step by step, our website will direct you to the AWS Educate Account registration with the given promo code; a Discord group QR code will also be shown for you to scan and join.
  2. You can also exclusively register an AWS Educate Account using our promo code to get FREE credits and souvenirs from AWS via this link
  1. For those who have already registered an AWS Educate Account, please indicate it in our registration form. Extra credits will be given to you so that you can leverage AWS resources during the competition.
  1. Join our Discord group to get more information about the competition as well as the upcoming workshops.
  1. This is a Registration for CityHack 2021. After the registration, you will own a CityHack21 account where you can decide your team members later in the personal panel.
  1. Please upload a screenshot of your AWS Educate Account (showing your name/email and AWS Educate logo) to your CityHack21 account’s personal panel as a verification to receive special gifts from AWS Educate.
  1. Team Up in the personal panel once you have decided your team members.
  1. Invite your friends to join the competition and get the Friendship Rewards!

Do not let pandemic stop you from learning! Join CityU DSC and CityU Hall 2 IT Team on these interesting workshops and CityHack 2021!

Please visit our website to learn more about the registration procedures and get the latest information:

  • Participants: All are welcome!
  • TODO: Registration and Join Discord Group
  1. Register CityHack21
  2. Register AWS Educate Account
  3. Upload AWS Educate verification
  4. Join Discord Group
  5. Invite Friends and Get Friendship Rewards
  6. Team Up with your Friends in personal panel

Please fill out this form for Registration! (by 24th Jan)

Join our Discord Group for the latest info

Check Out our CityHack 2021 Website

Best Regards,

CityU Hall 2 IT team X CityU Google DSC