The 2nd International Conference on High Performance Big Data and Intelligent Systems (HPBD&IS 2020) will be held via Internet on May 23, 2020.

It is our great honor to welcome you to attend this significant and prestigious event. HPBD&IS provides a premier venue for the presentation and discussion of research in the design, development, deployment and evaluation of high performance computing, big data and artificial intelligence. HPBD&IS brings together academic researchers and industrial practitioners to share and exchange the latest developments in areas of HPBD&IS.

HPBD&IS 2020 is free, free of registration. We would like to give you an idea of what you can expect and what we hope to achieve in the coming HPBD&IS 2020.


* Two Keynote Speech by World’s Leading Experts

  • Prof. Torsten Hoefler, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Title: High-Performance Communication in Machine Learning

  • Xian-He Sun, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA.

Title:LABIOS: A Label-Based Data Representation and its implementation on Big Data I/O Systems


* A Series of Cutting-edge Technical Reports

**High Performance Computing

  • Understanding the Workload Characteristics in Alibaba: A View from Directed Acyclic Graph Analysis
  • Performance Prediction of Physical Computer Systems Using Simulation-Based Hardware Models
  • A Cordic-based Acceleration Method On FPGA For CNN Normalization layer
  • FPGA-based High-performance CNN Accelerator Architecture with High DSP Utilization and Efficient Scheduling Mode
  • KC-IDS: Multi-layer Intrusion Detection System
  • MDD-Net: A novel defect detection model of material microscope image
  • A novel bearing fault diagnosis of raw signals based on 1D residual convolution neural network
  • A Novel Unsupervised Dead-value Detection Method for Monitoring Indicators in Data Center

**Intelligent Technologies

  • An intelligent ordering control system based on hand gesture recognition
  • Parameter Identification of Collaborative Robot Based on Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm
  • Integrated Parallel System for Audio Conferencing Voice Transcription and Speaker Identification
  • Improving the accuracy of SqueezeNet with a negligible extra computational cost
  • Maximal Uncorrelated Multinomial Logistic Regression and Its Distributed Parallel Implementation
  • Large Scale Sparse Multinomial Logistic Regression
  • TIGER Algorithm

**Big Data & Blockchain

  • SSD Assisted Caching for Restore Optimization in Distributed Deduplication Environment
  • The big data analysis and mining of people’s livelihood appeal based on time series modeling and algorithm
  • A Destination Prediction Model for Individual Passengers in Urban Rail Transit
  • Erasure -Code Algorithm for Distributed Stream Processing
  • M-IDAs: A Scalable and Droppable Big Data Intelligent Platform Based on Modular Design
  • Knowledge Graph for Multi-source Data Fusion Topics Research
  • On the Design of a Blockchain-based Student Quality Assessment System
  • Blockchain-Based Traceable Management System for Entry and Exit of Cultural Relics
  • Research on Blockchain-Based Identity Verification Between IoV Entities
  • TrustCA: Achieving Certificate Transparency Through Smart Contract in Blockchain Platform

**Intelligent Applications

  • PLS-VIO: Stereo Vision-inertial Odometry Based on Point and Line Features
  • Adaptive Weighted Huber Constrained Sparse Face Recognition
  • Image Quality Assessment based on Dual Domains Fusion
  • Face Liveness Detection Algorithm based on LivenessLight Network
  • Digital Core 3D Reconstruction Based on Micro-CT images via a Deep Learning Method
  • Color Constancy Using VGG Convolutional neural network
  • Efficient Image Watercolorization Based on Smart Phones
  • Multi-angle Head Pose Classification when Wearing Mask for Face Recognition under the COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic
  • Thangka image edge detection algorithm based on morphology and RCF
  • A method of automatically recognizing CTF image and calculating value


We warmly invite you, scientists, engineers, graduate students, or anyone interested in the area, to take part in this unique and timely conference with your enthusiasm to develop, your desire to apply, and your willingness to mature the High Performance, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technique and their applications. We hope you will join us to make International Conference on HPBD&IS 2020 a memorable event!


For free participation, please visit: and register no later than May 22, 2020. After your registration, we will create an audience account for you.

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