As you know we planned to have our biennial Region 10 SYWL Congress on 24-27 September 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. Because of the global pandemic and the related restrictions, we decided to postpone the Congress till December this year, and depending on the situations a few months later, we may further postpone it to the next year.  Please understand that the well-being of our members and staff is our priority.


Instead, we will hold virtual SYWL events in the August-September period, probably for several hours in one day each of SYWL.

Virtual events are different from the real SYWL Congress, but we believe keeping our network through virtual events is also important especially during this difficult time.

Region 10 SYWL Chairs are just starting to plan the events, and so please help and support them if they approach you.


Thank you very much, and stay safe and healthy.