Data Analytics for IIOT

Adoption of IoT at scale for industrial use is ushering in new possibilities to optimize at process, plant and fleet. Integration of IT and IoT networks is becoming commonplace. Connectivity and flow of data across layers covering enterprise to physical plant has provided a myriad of possibilities.

Decision makers and designers now need to make the right choices with respect to data, connectivity, compute and algorithm based on the data confidentiality and response time.

This presentation will highlight and provide some guidelines covering approaches to addressing Data Analytics for Industrial IoT.

Know the Speaker –

Dr. Sithu D Sudarshan

Name:  Dr. Sithu D Sudarsan of C-DAC, Bengaluru

Topic: Industrial IOT and Data Analytics 


Dr. Sithu D Sudarsan heads the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) Bengaluru. He has prior experience in Industrial Software Systems, Heritage Engineering Migration, Analytics and Cyber Security for about 8 years with ABB.

He has nearly 3 decades of research and development experience with leading national research and development agencies in India and US. His areas of specialization include Information Assurance, Network Security, Cyber Physical Systems, Sensor Networks, Safety Critical Systems, Semantic Mining, and Analytics.

He is a recipient of several research grants in the area of information security. He has participated in several standards committees at International/National levels. He has over 100 publications/presentations and 10 filed patents to his credit.