IEEE Young Professional (YP) affinity group of IEEE Bangladesh Section thrives to create new opportunities for those who newly jumped into their professional life. Creating connections between young professionals of different fields is the primary goal of this organization. IEEE YP has organized total 38 events from November,2019 to October,2020 with a view to develop professionalism and technical competency of young engineers. A short description of each event is given in the table below:


Event Name Date Event Type Report Link Number of IEEE Member Participants Number of Non-IEEE Member Participants
Event 1 Workshop on Cyber Security 2-Nov-19 Technical 14 15
Event 2 Workshop on Plasmonic Sensors 6-Nov-19 Technical 80 5
Event 3 Meeting Minutes for IEEE YP BDS Executive Board Outward Meeting 8-Nov-19 Administrative > ExCom 15 0
Event 4 IEEE Student Professional Awareness Workshop 2.0 9-Nov-19 Professional > Professional Development 69 30
Event 5 IEEE STEP '19- Elevation Towards the Future 15-Nov-19 Professional > Professional Development 101 10
Event 6 Microwave Transmission in Telecommunications 4-Dec-19 Technical 80 2
Event 7 IEEE Student Professional Awareness Venture (SPAVe) 4.0 28-Dec-19 Professional > Professional Development 99 20
Event 8 YP BDS EC Meeting 6-Mar-20 Administrative > ExCom 11 0
Event 9 IEEE PES Day Celebration Seminar "Can we really make energy-greener by 2050?" 3-Jun-20 Technical 76 51
Event 10 YP Track at Tensymp 2020 6-Jun-20 Professional > Professional Development 45 0
Event 11 IEEE YP Bangladesh ExCom Meeting No 2 13-Jun-20 Administrative > ExCom 12 0
Event 12 Exploring Research Opportunities on the Interface of Engineering and Biology amidst the Covid-19 Reality 27-Jun-20 Technical 117 106
Event 13 IEEE YP Bangladesh ExCom Meeting No 3 5-Jul-20 Administrative > ExCom 9 0
Event 14 ”Importance of Networking in the Early Career” Meet the YP Chair: Dr. Sajid M Choudhury 13-Jul-20 Professional > Professional Development 69 6
Event 15 ”Machines Can See now, What Next?” Meet the YP: Dr. Upal Mahbub 18-Jul-20 Technical 57 10
Event 16 ”Navigating through an Engineering Career in 2020” Meet the YP: Dr. Emran Amin 22-Jul-20 Professional > Professional Development 45 10
Event 17 ”Semiconductor Industry: Moore’s Law and The Future of Computing” Meet the YP: Imdad Ullah 25-Jul-20 Technical 95 27
Event 18 Membership Development Event: Benefits of Professional Society Membership In Early Career 29-Jul-20 Nontechnical > Nontechnical (Other) 5 30
Event 19 “Memory Technology in the Post Moore’s Law Era” Meet the YP: Dr. Raisul Islam 6-Aug-20 Technical 78 10
Event 20 Young Professionals Meet-up 2020: Leadership in Challenging Times 10-Aug-20 Nontechnical > Social 146 0
Event 21 Idea Contest to Mitigate the Post-COVID Impact in Low and Middle-Income Countries 11-Aug-20 Humanitarian > Other 20 0
Event 22 ”Neural Engineering: State of the art and scopes for engineers” Meet the YP: Dr. Nurul Islam 16-Aug-20 Technical 36 25
Event 23 “Research Opportunities in Power, Electronics and Computer” Meet the Young Professionals 23-Aug-20 Technical 83 10
Event 24 “Emerging Nanoelectronics: Opportunities & Challenges” Meet the YP: Dr. Ahmedullah Aziz 27-Aug-20 Technical 84 10
Event 25 “Efficient Buildings and Grid for Sustainability” Meet the Young Professionals: Dr. Avijit Saha and Dr. Shibani Ghosh 29-Aug-20 Technical 95 10
Event 26 IEEE Student Transition and Elevation Partnership (STEP) 2020  05 Sep 2020 Technical 108 7
Event 27 “Wide bandgap semiconductor devices for high power and high frequency electronics” Meet the Young Professionals: Dr. Ahmad Zubair 9-Sep-20 Technical 160 25
Event 28 “Semiconductor technology development: opportunities, skillset management and beyond” Meet the Young Professional: Dr. Himadri Shekhar Dey 12-Sep-20 Technical 38 20
Event 29 YP Idea Contest: Grand Finale 16-Sep-20 Technical 72 25
Event 30 “Future of Energy and Automation” Meet the Young Professional: Dr. Rajib Mikail 16-Sep-20 Technical 52 20
Event 31 “Internet of Things for Smart Energy Systems” Meet the Young Professionals: Dr. Shama Naz Islam 19-Sep-20 Technical 171 40
Event 32 “Gallium Nitride based  CMOS Technology” Meet the Young Professionals: Mr. Nadim Chowdhury 26-Sep-20 Technical 82 20
Event 33 “Working in the Semiconductor Industry” Meet the Young Professionals: Dr. Muhymin Islam, Dr. Sabih U Omar and Mr. Arunodoy Saha 3-Oct-20 Technical 50 17
Event 34 “Working in the Areas of Wireless Communications” Meet the Young Professionals: Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed 10-Oct-20 Technical 50 10
Event 35 Workshop on Improving Scientific Writing 17-Oct-20 Professional > Professional Development 30 20
Event 36 “Application of Nonlinearity in Neuromorphic Computing and Hardware Security” Meet the Young Professional: Dr. Md Sakib Hasan 18-Oct-20 Technical 20 30
Event 37 ““Electric Machines & Drives” Technology trends and skill requirements” Meet the Young Professional: Dr. Ashfanoor Kabir 24-Oct-20 Professional > Professional Development 18 20
Event 38 “Adaptive Intelligence : Machines vs Humans” Meet the Young Professional: Azfar Adib 31-Oct-20 Technical 40 20