List of Selected Projects for Cohort 1

Name of ProjectMentor(s)Student BatchCertificatesCode/ Artifacts
Touch surface using UltraSonic Sensors"Satish Patel
(Entreprenuer, Ex-Linaro, Ex-TI, Ex-Samsung)"
Sneha Chandran , Adwaith Satheesh Kumar, Jeet ShahSneha (Author1)
Jeet (Author2)

Project Report - Report
Practical applications of deep learning to challenges in radiology"Kousik Sankar,
(Entrepreneur, Ex-Cisco, Ex-Philips)
Dr Dhananjaya KVN (Assistant Professor in Dept of Pediatric Radiology)"
Object detection for consumer e-waste in Indian Context"Prabindh Sundareson
(Nvidia, Ex-TI, Ex-Samsung)"
Aishwarya SM, Risha DassiRisha Dassi (Project Lead) - [Certificate]

Aishwarya SM - [Certificate]

Analysis of RISC-V solutions for low-power edge-AI applications"Arun Shankar
(Continental Automotive, Ex-TI)"
Ruthvik, Sneha