Mr Vishnu Seshadri (Vitesco Technologies) conducted a webinar on “Role of Power Electronics in EV & its Infrastructure”. The event was organised jointly with IEEE VTS, in Jun 2023.


Power Electronics play an important role in the Electric Vehicle and it’s supporting charging infrastructure. It’s a technology that deals with efficient conversion, control and conditioning of electric power based on the input and desired output. High voltage electric drives are used in motor drives applications. Also, the importance of On-board battery chargers and other power electronics converters used for in the EV are presented. EV needs a robust
charging system for its efficient operation. The charging infrastructure has different power levels of chargers starting from slow chargers to super chargers. The topology and the control of such chargers is important to optimize the power delivery. In this webinar, an overview of the topology and control of the these power electronics drives used in the EV and it’s infrastructure is presented.