April, 2012 – Android workshop for Engineering Students at PEC Engineering College, Mandya

1-day workshop for students conducted at PEC, Mandya. Sudeendra Koushik (secretary, IEEE CESoc), coordinated this workshop, and was conducted by Kapil. Students from 2nd to 6th semesters participated. Below is one of the feedback from a participant.

“…discussed about Android Architecture, Meaning and Usage of different layers, followed by different components of Application layer in slightly more detail apart form core java basics. We also did some hands on all the concepts we covered during the session. The enthusiasm of students was encouraging. Almost everybody tried to do implementation of the concepts we discussed about and many were able to do that independently. It was also encouraging to see the diversity of participants. Students from across different branches and from different semesters which ranged from 2nd to 6th, participated in the discussion. The expectation from this session was to make students comfortable with the basics of Android and make them reach to a level from where interested students can move to next level independently without spending much time apart from getting the overview of best practices followed in industry in terms of code development. I’m thankful to the Organizers, who gave me this opportunity to interact with student community for this technical discussion.”