Dec 2010 Events:
Dr.Thomas Coughlin (the Distinguished Author of “Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics” and the Founder and Chairman of the Storage Visions Conferences), presenting on 2nd and 3rd December 2010. Details of this Distinguished lecture series is given in this link. [Tom_Coughlin_Storing_Your_Life_120210]
Dr.Thomas Coughlin’s talk on Hierarchical Storage Models – PPT Slides are available now in this link.
A detailed report on the DLP program and the technical talks that were conducted in November and December 2010 is provided in this link.  [IEEE_CE_DLP_Nov2010]

  • Thomas Coughlin – IEEE CE Society’s Distinguished Lecturer for 2010, was invited to deliver the IEEE CE Distinguished Lecture, on “Consumer Digital Storage—Personal, Shared, Hierarchical and Virtual”, at two venues in Bangalore. The first venue was at Texas Instruments facility in Bangalore, and the second was at Electrical Communication Engineering at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Key discussions during the talk involved around life-blogs with video generating lot of content, Metadata for the large amount of content to be generated, how much data is just noise and how much really needs to be analysed. Discussions also centered around Error rates for Flash vs Hard disk drivers. Dr. Coughlin proposed a mechanism to add Application specific Commands to ATA command set, so that integrated storage + application devices could be built. Prof. S.V.Sankaran and other key members of the IEEE were present for the presentation.
  • Robin Bradbeer, IEEE CE Society VP, International Relations and member of the Adcom was invited to talk on “IEEE Consumer Electronics Society — What is in it for you” – In this talk, Dr. Robin gave a perspective on the various regions, how CE membership is growing YoY, and discussed ways of starting new chapters and how Bangalore chapter can help.
  • Ajit Rao, Software Architect at Texas Instruments, delivered an invited lecture on “SoCs enable High-density Video” – giving an overview of how infrastructure technology needs to grow to cater to the large video needs of the consumer space.
  • On behalf of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Bangalore chapter Execom, I would like to thank Dr. Thomas Coughlin, Prof. Robin Bradbeer, and Dr.Ajit Rao for the talks, and Texas Instruments and Indian Institute of Science for hosting the continuous events in December, and the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Adcom for sponsoring the entire events to kickstart the technical activities of the chapter. We look forward to further continued support